Outdoor Dual-relay Digital Keypad

> Waterproof, conforms to IP66
> Metal case, anti-vandal
> Fashion design, all-metal key button
> Two relays, 999 users
> PIN length: 1~8 digits
> Card type: 125KHz EM card / tag
> Multi-color LED status display
> Integrated alarm & buzzer output, can set the volume sound from level 0~5
> Pulse mode, Toggle mode
> Built in light dependent resistor (LDR) for anti tamper
> Backlit keypad, can set always ON, always OFF, or turn off automatically after 60 seconds
> Relay 2 supports external door bell
> Low temperature resistance(-40℃)
> Voltage: 12~28V AC/DC

XK3-D is a dual-entry access control with integrated keypad and card reader. It supports up to 999 users in
multiple access configurations (Card, PIN, or Card +PIN). Its key is all metal and the key frame is hidden.