Wireless Access Kit
> Waterproof, conforms to IP65 (Wireless Keypad)
> Communication frequency: 433MHz

> 600 PIN / card users (100 visitor users + 500 common users)
> 125KHz EM Card
PIN length: 4~8 digits
Communication distance: 50m Max
> Door contact, alarm and door bell output
> Backlit keypad
Pulse mode, toggle mode
Tri-color LED status display
Ultra low power consumption (wireless keypad<10uA, Wireless Exit Button: <10uA)
Supports integrate 1 keypad and 1 exit button, or 2 keypads

The SK7 is a single door wireless access control, consists of a wireless & waterproof keypad , a mini controller 
and a wireless exit button. TEA + Rolling Code of encryption algorithm and the split design guarantees higher-secure.